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Invite hummingbirds and butterflies into your garden!
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Q:  How can I pay for my order?

      Hummingbird Gardens accepts all forms of payment through PayPal, a safe and convenient  

      way for you to purchase your plants.  PayPal ensures that all your personal information

      remains protected.  Hummingbird Gardens will only have access to your shipping address. 

      Hummingbird  Gardens also accepts Personal Checks.  Please note that if you decide to cancel

      your order after being processed through PayPal, you will be refunded the total MINUS the

      PayPal fees.


Q:  How will the order be shipped?

A:  Hummingbird Gardens uses FAST SHIPPING:  United States Priority Shipping.  This ensures

     that your order arrives ready to plant in your garden as fresh as possible, usually within two to

     three business days of leaving Hummingbird Gardens.


Q:  How are shipping charges calculated?

A:  Hummingbird Gardens does not charge handling fees at this time, and we do not have a

     minimum order!


      Shipping can be calculated easily by the size of the order.


      For instance:   1-4 irises can ship for $7.80 

                            5-12 irises can ship for $14.50

                          13-20 irises can ship for $19.85

                           21-25 irises can ship for $23.30

                           26+ irises can ship for 37.25*


      *If the items cannot fit into a flat rate priority box, then shipping is calculated according to weight

      and size of items, as well as your United States Postal Zone.  Items will still ship United States Priority

      mail and arrive to your garden within two to three business days.


Q:  Is my privacy protected?

A:  Hummingbird Gardens collects from customers only the information that is needed to process

     orders.  Hummingbird Gardens does not sell, share, or give away any customer information.


Q:  What is guaranteed?

A:  Hummingbird Gardens is a state licensed and inspected nursery.  Hummingbird Gardens

     guarantees that the plants shipped to customers are healthy and ready to grow in your gardens! If you

     have any concerns about your plants upon receipt, please contact Hummingbird Gardens

     within three days of receipt of your order.  Shipping and handling costs are nonrefundable.  Customer will be

     responsible for paying shipping costs for returning irises.